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“Yachts du Coeur Events”


Celebrating 14 Years of Yachts du Coeur Events and 15 Years of EM les Yachts du Coeur

We are thrilled to announce the 2024 edition of the Yachts du Coeur Events, commemorating the 14th anniversary of our beloved gatherings and the 15th anniversary of our association, EM les Yachts du Coeur.

Event Details:
  • Date: Friday, 8th November 2024 : 9:30 – 13:30
  • Locations: Port Canto Cannes, and Port Vauban Antibes
  • Animations in both ports : Flashmob by Coeur du Sud 100 + choral singers – Large Human Chains transfering the yacht crew and yachting professionals donations to the French Red Cross and the Food Bank.
  • Donation Collection: Starting October 1st, 2024 in all ports of Cannes and Antibes

This year, the events will be hosted simultaneously in the Ports of Cannes and Antibes, showcasing the solidarity and generosity of the yachting community. We invite yacht crews and professionals to participate in the collection of donations beginning October 1st in both cities ports.

The collected donations will benefit two esteemed humanitarian organizations: the French Red Cross and the Food Bank. These associations tirelessly work to support those in need, and your contributions will make a significant impact in their efforts.


Our Executive Club partners for the event are :

Port Vauban, Port CantoCamper and Nicholsons, MS Yachts – Edge Yacht International, Homebox, Original-Design, Antibes Yachting, ETYC, Spirit Crew, The Stewardess Corner


Join us in this remarkable celebration of community, compassion, and commitment to helping others. Together, we can make a difference and continue the legacy of Yachts du Coeur.

For more information and to get involved, please contact us or visit our website. Let’s make the 2024 edition of Yachts du Coeur Events the most impactful one yet!


Nota bene :

Father Mikel Epalza is the man who inspired us to create the Yachts du Coeur 14 years ago in port Pierre Canto the 6th of March 2010, in partnership with the city of Cannes.
Must read : Mikel Epalza latest book in french “Pêcheur d’Hommes

or view our Origin


Message of encouragement from Father Mikel Epalza, received thursday 2024-07-18 : 

“At sea we don’t cheat, and we dare to pierce through the Horizon Line to go offshore following the Star of Love, Stella Maris ( ). Instead of ignoring life’s battered people, we join them as if they were all crew members, because they have strength, they are strength; that of the humble who are at low tide, but who have within them the luminous energy of solidarity.
In my book I help readers delve into the soul of sailors. It is rich in magnificent lights.
I embrace you all like brothers and sisters. Keep on following the star of brotherhood through thick and thin. Contre vents et Marées !”

2023 “Yachts du Coeur Events”

 The 2023 edition of the Yachts du Coeur took place simultaneously on Friday 17th November 2023 in both Port Canto Cannes with Camper and Nicholsons organising a collect of crew donations as from 1st of October 2023 and Port Vauban Antibes with the Capitainerie of the Port doing the same at the same time ! The result was lory loads of crew donations successfuly transmited to the French Red Cross, in time for winter !

2021-2022 “Yachts du Coeur Events”
  • Due to Covid restrictions, we did nont run any big day events in 2021 and 2022,
  • 2021 has been an exceptional year for crew donations as we have collected and donated over 250m3 to humanitarian associations such as for the homeless with Solidarity 06 in Nice, The French Red Cross, the Secours Populaire and St Vicent de Paul. 
  • We now have representatives who can collect directly from yachts and immediately donate to humanitarian associations in the ports of La Ciotat, Toulon, Cannes, Antibes and Monaco. Check up our contact page !
  • This year we have collected crew donations from Palma de Majorque right up to San Remo in Italia.
  • With many thanks to everyone who participated and all the best for 2022 !
    Our 27th Yachts du Coeur Human Chain took place Saturday 17th October 2020, in Port Vauban, Antibes , 11:00 am . 

– Exceptionally, due to the restrictions imposed by the AM prefecture due to covid-19, this year the 27th Yachts du Coeur, Yachts with Heart, Yachts del Cuore was limited to its strict symbolic action of the human chain of solidarity and to the number of 9 participants maximum. Capitainerie Port Vauban, 17th October 2020, 11:00 am. Bookings, distancing, wearing a mask and gloves will be compulsory. Bookings :

2019 “Yachts du Coeur Events”

2019 Yachts du Coeur events : On October 19, 2019, we celebrated the 26th Yachts du Coeur and the 10th anniversary of the ECOMER Association at Port Vauban d’Antibes

Yachts du Coeur events

At the request of the association ECOMER to celebrate its 10th anniversary, in partnership with VAUBAN21, the 26th Yachts du Coeur to the benefit of the Food Bank, the Red Cross and the SNSM, will take place on the Place Saint Jaume, Port Vauban, Antibes, October 19, 2019. open doors to the public from 9:00 to 17:00.
In the program :

– 11h00 Blessing of the volunteers and donors by the father chaplain Jean Ligier of the National Gendarmerie,

– 11.20 am Lecture of the “Sailors Prayer”

– 11:30 Traditional human chain of the Yachts with Heart  accompanied by the pipeblowers. for the benefit of the Food Bank and the French Red Cross

– 12h00 Pot of friendship – pizzas, drinks … (kitty) for the benefit of the SRA choir

– 12h30 – 13h30 Choir of the Antibes Regatta Society – Marine songs

– 13h30 – 15h00 Rock Music Group ” NEVADA BAND”

  • A food and beverage truck will be their all day

Presence of the MYBA The worldwide Yachting Association to represent the Yachting industry and many other partners

We hope to receive many visitors that day 🙂


2018 “Yachts du Coeur Events”

  • 2018-10-13 – This Yachts du Coeur took place in Port Vauban Antibes  – Despination people in need in the Philippines Islands

The Filipinos are great sailors and are aboard many yachts anchored in port Vauban and in the ports of the Côte d’Azur. The goal: collect donations, non-perishable food, clothes and shoes, tools, etc. and send them to Manila. Saturday morning, on the port Vauban, the container was there and, after a blessing, the volunteers formed a beautiful chain to fill it. Donors have been generous! Jean-Luc Annone, President of Ecomer, hailed the action of Major Jean-Yves Roger, President of AMMAC Cannes-Pays de Lérins, “who brought together the Filipino community to make this Yacht du Coeur a success”.
At the sound of bagpipes and tambourines, the volunteers transported the precious parcels. Precious because they come from the heart. The operation ended with the glass of friendship. The solidarity of sailors on all sides has been solicited


Mission status : The “container of hope” is now in Marseille port, waiting to go aboard “MSC Sonia”  container ship

Etd Marseille, France, 22nd october 2018

Eta Manilla, Philippines, 2nd December 2018

  • Watch out for our charity evening dinner this Xmas

2018-06-11 Yachts du Coeur Trophy – Vieux Port of Cannes


Each Year, a Yachts du Coeur collectible artwork trophy is given to the Eco-Mer elected most deserving Yacht of the Year. This Year 2018 trophy is to the image of Mother Nature “CERES” and she was given to M/Y Slipstream for her exemplary charitable services given to help out the populations of the hurricanes stricken Caribbean Islands.

Dame Fortuna and Coeur de Yachts - Yachts du Coeur events

Sylvie Wohlgemuth, the “Ideel®” artist who created this years trophy, said :

” I’ve put Mother Nature in full light. May all the people who get close to her do the same !”


2018-05-11 Yachts du Coeur Shipment of container of hope to Dominica


  • Mission Status. Accomplished ! Arrived  Roseau Port, Dominica 20th May 2018. Our “container of hope” filled up with 1.3 Ton of French Riviera yachts crews donations aboard “FLEUR N” container ship was dropped off in Fort de France, Martinique on the 17th may 2018. Then Betty K IX, cargo ship, picked it up and delivered it to the Dominican Government thanks to our partner YachtAid Global, in Roseau port, Dominica,  20th may 2018.
  • 2018-04-21 Yachts du Coeur : Port Vauban, Antibes
Yachts du Coeur Container of Hope for Dominica
Yachts du Coeur events

2018-04-14 Yachts du Coeur


  • 2018-04-14 Yachts du Coeur: Port Canto, Cannes. Following our forums concerning “Marine Quality”, Inauguration of the “Marine Eco-Pledge” by the City of Cannes Mayor, Mr David Lisnard. Valid for all ports in Cannes.
  • Mission Status: Accomplished !


Yachts du Coeur - Yachts with Heart 14 & 21 april 2018
Yachts du Coeur events

2017 “Yachts du Coeur Events”

  • 2017-12-09 Yachts du Coeur. Port Vauban Antibes. 10m3 of aid to the Caribbeans, via My Mary Jean II .
  • Mission Status. Accomplished ! Arrived  Antigua 6th Jan 2018.

  • 2017-11-25 Yachts du Coeur. Port Vauban Antibes. 30m3 of aid to the Caribbeans via MY Slipstream. Mission Status. Accomplished ! Arrived Dominica 2017-12-13

My “Slipstream”, on an aid mission to the Carribeans,  collected 12m3 of donations from yachts crew in Palma. She then arrived in Marseille where French Riviera based crew donated 18m3 of donations via ECOMER who collected them.

Saturday 25th November 2017, we organised a Yachts du Coeur event to transfer all the donations onto Slipstream’s trucks. Fully loaded with 30m3 of donations, she then departed Marseille on the 26th of November 2017, destination : Dominica.

My Slipstream has now arrived in Dominica 2017-12-13. Yes, you did it! Congratulations to all who took part in this charity donation. We are very proud of you all ! 

  • 2017-10-14.  Yachts du Coeur Port Vauban, Antibes : One Ton of Food delivered to the 06 Food Bank . Mission Status : Accomplished !

  • 2017-06-22. Yachts du Coeur Port Vauban, Antibes : 12m3 to the French Red Cross. Mission Status : Accomplished !
2010 to 2017 “Yachts du Coeur Events”


Since 2010, between one and up to three Yachts du Coeur Events took place each year.